Samsung Galaxy Note II Usage Experience

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Samsung has in the recent times scaled new heights in mobile technology and has become a global leader in mobile phone sales. I was a loyal Nokia user till few years back but as we all know Nokia couldn’t keep up with times and once the leaders in this space have now become the laggers (hope Windows help them rise like a phoenix).

My first experience with Samsung, which began last year, was with their phone Galaxy R and unfortunately I was hugely disappointed (Why? That’s a different story altogether). I started looking for a different phone and again, even after a bad experience, saw myself leaning towards Samsung as there wasn’t any other better alternative which suited me.

One thing I learnt from my experience with Galaxy R was that you need a very good hardware to enjoy Androids true potential other wise you would face slow-downs/lags in opening apps and freezing of apps.

Last year Samsung launched quad-core phones with Galaxy S3 which was an instant hit. Following its success, the Galaxy Note II was launched in September 2012, which was an upgraded version of its predecessor G Note launched in 2011. Looking at its spec sheet I fell in love with it. It was just what I wanted from my cell phone. Big screen, amazingly fast processor, huge memory and the latest Android OS version.

The first thing you notice about the phablet (that what actually it is phone+tablet) is its big screen. Switch it on and you  are welcomed by the 5.5inch screen with HD resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels and 265ppi.  The hardware of the phone boosts of a 1.6Ghz quad core cortex A9 processor  and 2 GB of RAM which makes the phone a fast in opening applications and multitasking with out worrying about any glitches like slowdown or freezing.

Even with those specs the phone is pretty slim and doesn’t feel uncomfortable to hold and use. The phablet is 9.4mm in thickness and weighs around 185gms which is on the heavier side but  it is not cumbersome to carry and even in normal size pockets. Because of its size and weight I never miss-placed it as subconsciously I know my pocket needs to feel heavy and full whenever I carry my phone.

The phone is truly a multimedia giant. the big screen makes watching videos a pleasure to the eyes and you dont have to strain them to look at the videos. Although the graphic processor Mali-400 is a little old in comparison  to the latest Adreno 320,  it still renders good image quality and playing processor heavy games like Real Racing 3 isn’t a problem at all.

The rear camera is of 8 megapixel with LED flash and the front camera is 0f 2 megapixel. The pictures are not that great as the AMOLED screen over saturates the colors (which is one draw back of an AMOLED screen) but they are good enough for posting on social media platforms.

The S-Pen makes it easy to jot down notes and is very handy. I use the pen frequently and it opens up a world of opportunities for the phablet.

The screen is Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which makes the screen sturdy and immune to breakage if slips out of your hand by accident.

The call quality meets expectations and signal reception meets standards. Making and receiving calls using the big screen makes it easy. The keypad for dialing numbers is a real pleasure, no unintentional miss-hits can happen. The keyboard is also big and typing messages is easy and without any hindrances. Browsing websites is easy on the eyes and you don’t need to strain your them to read text.

Samsung has really made an amazing phone which was quite ahead of its competitors at that time (now that Octa processors have come into the picture) and to an extent it still is. I enjoy using the phone a lot and it makes my daily tasks easy since it doesn’t hangs or malfunctions. which can be a big pain in the neck if your phone keeps on freezing.

No matter how heavy the application is, G Note II performs without a glitch. I hope to keep on using the phone till something better comes out in the market completely over shadowing this phablet, which i firmly believe Samsung will do it in a few months time as rumors about G Note III have already started making the rounds on the internet.

Till then Samsung Galaxy Note II rocks in every sense of the word.